Connecting Sushi Class: Online Workshop

This activity can be tailored to your interests

If you’re looking for a way to bring your team together, sushi is the answer! On this private Livestream, you and your colleagues will be part of a virtual workshop where you put your rolling skills to the test with the help of a sushi cooking expert to strengthen the company’s culture.

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6 reasons to book this experience

  • Learn to make the best sushi: traditional or vegan
  • Put your cooking skills to the test with your colleagues
  • Fuel employee engagement & wellness in a fun way
  • Stay connected with your team remotely
  • Receive the local recipe after the experience
  • Can be customized around your company’s interests

What you can expect

This is the plan

This is the outline for your experience, which can be customized to your wishes

  • Vegan Alternative

    If you want a unique and sustainable approach to your company’s event, go for a vegan sushi class! With this option, you consider some of your colleagues’ dietary restrictions while learning new recipes.

  • Sushi Beginnings

    Start with preparing your sushi rice and, together with your host, prepare all the ingredients that are needed for your delicious sushi rolls. Learn tips and tricks from your host and interact with your team throughout the event while working together with your new local friend!

  • Sauce Magic

    Follow your host’s recipe and create a beautiful sauce to top over your sushi ingredients before making a sushi roll.

  • Let’s Roll

    Once you have prepared the ingredients and sauce, it’s time to roll! Your host will teach you the best technique for making a perfect sushi roll and getting ready to enter sushi heaven!

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