Japanese Traditions with a Local: Tea Ceremony & Matcha Workshop

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Missing the chit-chat by the coffee machine at work? Let’s reminisce about old times with your colleagues and take connecting from home to the next level with a Japanese tea ceremony! Learn about this beautiful tradition from a local expert in Tokyo and strengthen the company’s culture.

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6 reasons to book this experience

  • Learn about the beautiful Japanese tea ceremony
  • Get a taste of Japan with your colleagues
  • Fuel employee engagement & wellness in a fun way
  • Stay connected with your team remotely
  • Receive the local recipe after the experience
  • Can be customized around your company’s interests

What you can expect

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  • Matcha Fun

    Before creating your matcha tea, your local host will tell you all about this amazing Japanese tradition! Find out more about the origins of the tea ceremony and its history, learn more about matcha, how it’s grown, and turn into tea.

  • Tea Ceremony

    After you’ve learned more about the history and origins of the tea ceremony tradition, it’s time to make the tea! Step by step, your host will create this delicious drink with you in the authentic Japanese way.

  • Cheers!

    Now that you’ve created your Japanese matcha tea, learn more about how to drink it! Someone from the audience will be invited to be on the stream together with the host to have a 1-1 conversation. Enjoy your homemade tea from Japan together with your colleagues, and get ready to say goodbye to your new local friend!

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