Photography Workshop with a Professional Photographer

This activity can be tailored to your interests

Get creative with your team and put your photography skills to the test on an online workshop that will fuel everyone’s imagination and inspiration. Meet a professional photographer and learn from him the basics on how to take a good picture, from light, composition and perspective.

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6 reasons to book this experience

  • Learn the basics of photography from a professional photographer
  • Fuel employee engagement & wellness in a fun way
  • Can be customized around your team’s interests
  • Interactive activities together with an expert host
  • Stay connected with your colleagues remotely
  • Feedback & tips from an experienced photojournalist

What you can expect

This is the plan

This is the outline for your experience, which can be customized to your wishes

  • Photo Introduction

    Meet your host and learn more about his work and experience, then find out what you’ll see and do during your online photography workshop

  • 1st Topic: Light

    Ready to put your photo skills to the test? Listen to the tips and tricks of your host on how to use light in photos and give it a go!

  • 2nd Topic: Composition

    What is central composition? What is the ⅓ rule? Hear all about it plus the importance of background and proximity and practice and what you learned!

  • 3rd Topic - Perspective

    For your final topic your host will tell you about perspective and its importance in photography. Then put together everything you learned and take a final picture to share with your colleagues and host

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