Mindful Online Yoga Experience in Ibiza

This activity can be tailored to your interests

In need of a break from work to reset and recharge? Then, travel virtually to Ibiza to unwind with your colleagues at an online yoga workshop. Let a professional yogi host take you through the techniques and approaches to unleash a healthy mind and body, creating a mindful connection with your team.

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6 reasons to book this experience

  • Learn the basics of yoga from a professional yogi
  • Fuel employee engagement & wellness in a fun way
  • Can be customized around your team’s interests
  • Interactive activities together with a yogi host
  • Stay connected with your colleagues remotely
  • Begin your journey to a balanced mind & body

What you can expect

This is the plan

This is the outline for your experience, which can be customized to your wishes

  • Welcome from Ibiza

    Your online experience will begin with an introduction from your host and a brief walk through of what the experience will include as you enjoy the wonderful view and vibe of Ibiza.

  • Breathing Techniques

    Enjoy simple calming breathing techniques, while you draw an imaginary line down the front of your body. In just a few minutes of this playful breath, you’ll feel more relaxed.

  • Straight up sun salutations

    Follow the instructions of your host and perform a series of poses that create inner heat, fill your body with solar energy, and are a gesture of gratitude to the sun.

  • Quest for Flexibility

    Practice techniques that will build the strength, flexibility and confidence to help you overcome this challenging pose while also keeping your wrists, shoulders and legs happy and healthy!

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