Spooky New Orleans Stories: Ghosts, Myths & Legends

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For those uninspiring days working from home, here’s an experience that will awaken you! Discover the dark side of New Orleans with your colleagues on a chilling journey where you’ll hear stories from haunted houses, vampires, and tales of murder. This experience is not for the faint of heart!

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  • Travel virtually to New Orleans from your own home
  • Fuel employee engagement & wellness in a fun way
  • Can be customized around your team’s interests
  • Interactive activities with a New Orleanian host
  • Stay connected with your colleagues remotely
  • See the most haunted places in New Orleans

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  • French Quarter

    Start your story-filled virtual experience at the famous French Quarter known for its music scene and bars and discover the secret behind the great amount of Spanish architecture in the city

  • What Type of Wine is That?

    Meet Comte Saint Germaine, a well-known figure in New Orleans in 1910 that lived in a street with a lot of vampire activity. Nobody ever saw him eat, but he survived on what he called peanset wine...dare to guess what this drink was made of?

  • Ax Man Murders

    Walk down the Ursuline street and hear the story of a serial killer that terrorized New Orleans. Be careful because if you don’t like jazz...he might come for you!

  • Haunted Hotel

    Check out the outside of one of the most spooky places in town where lost souls roam around. As a previous convent, this place has seen it all, from malaria, yellow fever, the ghost of a woman that used to run the hotel, and more!

  • Vampire Chronicles

    Yes, more vampire stories! Get to know more about the big vampire culture of New Orleans and about the 13 girls who started it

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