The Authentic Valencian Paella: Online Cooking Class

This activity can be tailored to your interests

If you’re looking for a way to bring your team together, Valencian paella is the answer! On this private Livestream, you and your colleagues will cook together with the help of a local expert in Valencia to strengthen the company’s culture. Pick together the paella recipe of your choice and get a taste of Valencia.

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6 reasons to book this experience

  • Learn to make the best paella from an Valencian host
  • Get a taste of Spain with your colleagues
  • Fuel employee engagement & wellness in a fun way
  • Stay connected with your team remotely
  • Receive the local recipe after the experience
  • Can be customized around your company’s interests

What you can expect

This is the plan

This is the outline for your experience, which can be customized to your wishes

  • Local recipe

    Enjoy a traditional family paella recipe straight from the local’s historial kitchen located in the heart of Valencia. While cooking, you will also learn Valencian culture, wine pairings, and favourite local culinary traditions!

  • Paella of Your Choice

    This employee engagement experience is 100% personalized to your team’s interests. Pick everyone’s favorite paella and cook it together with the help of a Valencian local foodie.

  • Chicken Valencian Paella

    Take a trip to the city of Valencia where this classic chicken-based paella is a typical dish in everyone’s kitchen. With ingredients ranging from onion, tomato, chicken drumsticks, you are in for a flavorful experience!

  • Vegetarian Paella

    Learn the magical blend of artichokes, butter beans, garlic and tomato as you prepare this delicious and one of the best-known paella in present-day Valencian cuisine. Mix together saffron, rosemary and sweet paprika, and you’ll be in Spanish heaven!

  • Seafood Paella

    Let white fish like monkfish or codfish, prawns and shrimp be the star of your recipe, loaded with flavor and easier to make than you think. Please note, this dish can take up to 90 min.

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