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Bring your team together with tailored company events that engage beyond working hours

Forget about generic company events; take it to the next level with a personalized and creative virtual event. Celebrate your employees' achievements and incentivize your team to increase employee engagement. How? With a one-of-a-kind event created around the company's values and culture.

Whether you're celebrating an annual or semi-annual event, a big seasonal occasion like Christmas celebrations, quarterly goal celebration, or annual kickoffs, we can create and cater to the event with cutting-edge technology built-in features that help everyone participate in the event.

Benefits of a Withlocals for Teams company event:

  • Strengthening relationships among employees.
  • Nurturing employee health and well-being.
  • Meeting employees' needs on a personal level.
  • Educating employees about different cultures.
  • Boosting employee productivity.
  • Connecting with the entire organization, no matter where you are.
  • Well rounded experience with pre-event engagement, interactive fun during the event, and post-event memories that transcend outside office hours.

A variety of possibilities to create an engaging event:

  • CEO speech Inspiring words can make a difference! The CEO or management can join the live stream and kick-off or close the event.
  • Award ceremony Who’s the “you’re on mute” rising star? Who has the best home office set up? This and many other categories can be a part of a fun internal award ceremony.
  • Talent Show Let your team show off their hidden talents that make them special and a unique part of the company, so they get the spotlight they deserve!

Other options to make your event memorable:

  • • Game show Looking for a way to energize your team? Our virtual game shows are the perfect solution to provide a fun and competitive way to bond with your teams.
  • • Withlocals experiences based on a theme There’s plenty to choose from! From connecting people and cultures through city discovery, cooking workshops, and learning new skills through workshops - all led by expert local hosts.
  • • Moderator-led event Let a moderator take care of keeping everyone engaged to have the best experience during the event.
  • • Care packages Send personalized packages to your employees related to the event, from cooking ingredients, themed related items, and thank you gifts.
Looking for something else that’s not on the list?

Send us a message! What you see as possibilities are suggestions and ideas. We can always tailor your event according to your company’s values, needs, and wishes.

Our technology to support your virtual interactions

  • Break out rooms
  • Interactive polls
  • Chat & likes
  • Fun photobooth
  • Join the stream