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An engaging creative workshop for families
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Client’s need

“Culture is the secret sauce of so many organizations, HubSpot included. So when we had to transition our culture into a fully remote world and ensure our culture stayed remarkable we were faced with a serious challenge.” - Director of Culture at Hubspot

After facing the challenges brought by Covid-19 and changing to remote working, Hubspot was looking for a way to bring their employees together and keep them connected and inspired regardless of not being able to see each other in person.

An engaging creative workshop for families

Our experience design team came up with a series of creatively engaging, activity driven workshops personalized to fit the interests of Hubspot’s employees. One of these was an interactive photography workshop with a National Geographic photographer.

During the workshop, participants got practical photography tips on how to improve their photos, which they could immediately put in practice through simple exercises using their phones. The results of these exercises could be shared and showcased during the live stream, giving participants a chance to get direct feedback on their images. Getting to learn and ask questions, share their work, comment and like each others’ images made the event highly engaging. Next to Hubspot employees, their family members were also invited to join in, upgrading the experience from a company event to a family friendly activity, which served the soft values Hubspot wanted to promote within their community during the challenging times.

Review from Hubspot

"Thanks to Withlocals, we have been able to provide unique and cost effective experiences to our employees that fit our culture and values. The team at Withlocals has been flexible, adaptable and open and willing to tailor experiences to meet our employees' needs. I couldn't recommend them highly enough!" - Director of Culture